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Slide "My children are 2 and 5 (nearly 3 and 6) and it worked well with us all and even my husband who had no idea what we were doing at first said at the end that it was really fun and we should try it somewhere else."
Slide "Hi, we used the outdoor map and GPS and my daughter really enjoyed it. She has really enjoyed doing the dinosaur one and has redone it a few times over. I’m sure she’ll love the next ones :)."

Slide "My 3 year olds loved playing HuGo, they went made with excitement each time we reached a dinosaur stop. I accidently opened the app at home and the boys asked if we were going exploring. Interestingly my 7 and 9 year old were also pretty interested, even though they pretended not to be."
Slide “The theme was fantastic for
young children, with great
graphics and detail. Hugo is very
engaging and his voice is great.”

Slide “I felt the quality of the production
was first class and I feel very age
appropriate, my daughter was so
excited about the prospect of
getting outdoors with the GPS maps.”
Slide Great graphics, really well
developed. My child since playing
the game, has really got into the
topics which Hugo covered,
something previously he wasn't
interested in.”

HuGo’s Adventures

Dinosaur Adventure
Available Now

Help Hugo track down the dinosaur families and return the mysterious egg before it hatches.

Pirate Adventure
Available Now

Save Mia from the infamous Captain Red Beard, tracking him down is going to be a challenge.

Witches Spellbound Adventure

A witch has lost her wand, and without it her spells aren’t working. Hugo and Mia must travel to help her track down who has taken it.

Princess Adventure

Can Mia and Hugo help the King of Twizzleland and is Mia a worth Princess? She will need your help to figure it out.

Space Adventure

Help Hugo and Mia save the day in this fantastic space adventure.

Outdoor GPS Adventures

Download Now

Get the app now on Apple App store. Search HuGo Explore. Android and Google Play also available Now!.

Education and Langauge


Language and literacy

Speaking, listening, linking sounds and letters, beginning to read and write.


Problem-solving, matching, shapes, numbers, time, patterns and colours.

Active and feeling good

Making healthy choices, developing movement and coordination, having a positive sense of self.

Being creative

Using art, music, movement and role-play to express ideas and feelings.


Discovery and making sense of the world. Finding out about people, animals, places and the way things work.

Other Games to Find

Find other games with HuGo, colouring and play all the adventures indoor with our top-down map gameplay.

About HuGo Explore

HuGo explore turns family walks, outings or rainy days into an interactive immersive adventure.  Our unique mobile app combines GPS, animation, and education gameplay to get your little explorers outside, exercising and learning.

We run events across the UK, and you can also have your own adventures from home

Stuck for something to do and want to get out the house. Create a route within a minute and transport your little explorer into an immersive, interactive adventure. Help dinosaur families, capture Captain Redbeard or complete a mission to the moon. HuGo is a perfect way to encourage your children to enjoy the outdoors, promote exercise and unleash their imagination.

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